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January 29, 2013 by nsrecreation


Empress Varnado
Jan 29, 2013

I don’t know about you, but this winter and holiday break has been very rough on me. The cold weather has dampened my motivation to workout and the influx of wonderful holiday “comfort food” meals has my jeans fitting pretty snug. Not to mention, my new class schedule will have me locked up in the library for hours. Simply put, this winter has seriously affected my workout groove. With the days getting darker and colder, it just happens that some of us start to operate at a lower level of happy during the winter.

It’s hard enough to make ourselves get out of bed and study, much less get out of the dorm (or house) to go for a run or go to the gym. In my experience, this turns into a repetitive and vicious cycle. The more I don’t get out and get active, the grumpier I get and the less I want to get out and do anything. On the reverse, the transformation that occurs after I get my butt out of bed and go to the gym for a fitness class or go for nice long run in Prospect Park is incredible. I’m immediately happier, more energized, more likely to smile, and much more motivated to do anything else that needs to be done.


Though this cycle holds true for any time of the year, it is especially true in the winter. So how do we keep our spirits up during the wretchedly cold months of January and February? We check out The New School’s Office of Recreation and Intramural Sports and get active! Maybe it’s a FREE group fitness class where we can dance and laugh and shake off our winter blues, maybe it’s a very serene yoga class that will connect you with your inner chi and concentrate on that paper you need to write. Perhaps it’s coming to Brooklyn Boulders the first Friday of the month and “rocking out” on the climbing wall, or it’s joining the intramural basketball league and shooting some hoops with your friends; but whatever it is, it’ll put a smile on our faces and get our lives moving again.

The Office of Recreation and Intramural sports offers an array of fitness classes, outdoor adventures, sports clubs and fun and exciting activities (before, in-between and after your classes) to put you back in your workout groove and warm up those joints this semester. Find out more about our programs and services by exploring our Website or signing up for our Newsletter for updates.


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